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Sweet BBQ Rub Recipes

 Smokehouse Tater Tots

This is a real easy way to make a side dish for our Smokehouse sloppy joes or sloppy dogs. All you need is our Sweet BBQ Rub, the tater tots, a cooking sheet and some cooking spray.

4 Cups frozen tater tots

1 Tablespoon Sweet BBQ Rub

1 Can of flavored or non-flavored cooking spray

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Spread the frozen tater tots on a cooking sheet and lightly coat with cooking spray. Sprinkle with the Sweet BBQ rub and cook until the tots are crispy @ 30-35 minutes. Use Sweet and Tangy or Sweet Habanero BBQ sauce close by for dipping the tots in.

Alternative Recipe

Deep fry the tater tots according to the recipe on the package. Sprinkle on the Sweet BBQ Rub immediately after removing the tots from the oil.